niedziela, 6 maja 2012

hair accessories

Few days ago I bought two elastic bands for hair. One of them (the golden like) should be well known to you as many bloggers have presented it before. Thus, I'd like you to pay closer attention to the band which resembles real hair :) In my opinion, it looks awesome and I'm very satisfied with purchasing it - it was the last piece in a store.



niedziela, 18 marca 2012

new river island scarf in action

new in part 2 :)

SPRING makes me spend money. I'm not sure if it's so good:) BUT the good point in the next shopping is that I bought what I'd intended to:)
Here you go! :

scarf: river island (love it a lot!)
spray: syoss (hope it'll work:))
blouse: Cubus ( purchased because a black blouse is always useful and cost me only 15 zlotys)
ballerinas : Mango (a pair of leather black ballerinas was on my wishlist for a long time)

wtorek, 7 lutego 2012

great fan of a nailpolish

I'm a truly great fan of a nailpolish. It's like a jewellery, which can greatly complete an outfit.
Below you can see my small collection. 

....and the result of my today's purchase :) :

niedziela, 29 stycznia 2012

natural look

Today, I want to show you some photos presenting my "natural" look. I'm writing "natural" (in inverted commas) cause there's some make up of course:) 
Hope you like it:) I'm looking forward to your feedback :)

In the last photos you can see the part of my new Mango dress which I've presented  in one of the previous entries. I've been wearing it a few times since then and I must admit it's one of my favourite pieces of clothing.

niedziela, 15 stycznia 2012

bought on sale

Although the sales time has been lasting since Xmas, this is my first purchase. [ I had a chicken pox :(] To say the truth I'm a bit disappointed at what I've seen in stores. I've got the feeling that the best things were hidden in the storehouses. That's why there aren't many items that I've bought. Just take a look:)

 Mango dress (59 zl)
 Mango gloves (29 zl)

reserved slippers (29 zl)

sobota, 14 stycznia 2012

poniedziałek, 9 stycznia 2012

Feathers in the ears

Some time ago I took part in the wedding reception. I chose these River Island feather earrings for this occasion and I felt great wearing them. As for me, there are only good points in them; they are: cheap, light (so your ears don't hurt) and give the striking effect. I just love them:) 

And what's your opinion about feather jewellery ??