czwartek, 22 grudnia 2011

Xmas time

Today I want to show you half of the outfit with the Mango cardigan that I bought some time ago. Ithink it's the perfect piece for Xmas. How about you?

wtorek, 20 grudnia 2011

As promised

As promised, the post with the new cardigan outfit. Unfortunately, I've got only one photo for you. Anyway, enjoy it:)

niedziela, 18 grudnia 2011

new in - warm grey cardigan from h&m

The purchase of this cardigan was not intended at all...but when I entered H&M shop and saw it over 50% off I just couldn't resist. I also took advantage of the H&M gift card which I found in Avanti magazine and payed for it only 40 zl.
I am going to wear it tomorrow. If I manage to take any photos I'll make the post for you:)

niedziela, 11 grudnia 2011

My birthday present for myself

I fell in love with the MANGO coat from the very first time I've seen it. However, the price wasn't encouraging at all -it was too expensive as for my pocket. One night I was browsing  Mango bulletin; there were so many things I liked so I decided to visit their homepage. To my surprise there was a promotional coupon - 30 %off for 1 thing and 40% off for more than one item.
I couldn't miss such an occasion - I bought the coat + the cap of a beautiful colour:) What a great birthday gift! Thank you MANGO!

I' m leaving  you with the photos now. Have a nice time!!!

My birthday outfit

ankle boots: H&M 
leather like trousers: H&M
shirt: H&M
jacket: H&M

I've just realised I've been worn from head to toes in H&M staff ;)

2day is my birthday !!! :)

I've just wanted to share my happiness with you. I've received a beautiful present from my boyfriend: a bunch of red roses and a pair of classic earrings from white gold. Here they are:

Hope you like it:)

p.s. I'll make the post of my today's outfit and shopping in a few days. Just keep tuned, more to come   !!!

sobota, 10 grudnia 2011

Xmas jumper

I don't know why, but the jumper that I wore 2day reminds me of Xmas. .. Maybe because of the white dots that resemble snowflakes :) I bought it a year ago and I have to admit I still love wearing it. What makes this piece of clothing unique in some way are the sweet buttons at the back and shoulder pads.
  I've matched the jumper with the leather like trousers and H&M boots which are super comfy.
Hope you like it!
wait for your comments:)

jumper : Pull and bear
leather like trousers: H&M
boots: H&M
watch: River Island

niedziela, 4 grudnia 2011

new in : cardigan & nailpolish

Today I took advantage of Mohito promotion and bought the cardigan with beautiful collar 30 %off .I love this new "collar" trend  a lot. 

My another purchase is the purple-hued nailpolish from Vipera. I've got quite big collection of this brand nailpolishes and I have to admit they're really durable, easy to use and affordable for everyone (12 zl)

sobota, 3 grudnia 2011


boots: Buffalo
trousers: Cubus
cardigan: H&M
t-shirt: Cubus
"invisible" necklace: H&M

         As the title shows the main part in this outfit plays cardigan. I've matched it with the skinny trousers and boots of similar colour. Under the cardigan, there's a white t-shirt and the golden h&m necklace; unfortunately, you can't see it, cause I was in such a hurry that only this photo was taken. Anyway, I hope you lik it:)

poniedziałek, 28 listopada 2011

Monday's outfit

It's very casual outfit that works pretty well at my work.
jumper - H&M
jeans- Cubus
slippers- bought in E.LECLERC shopping centre
watch - river island

niedziela, 27 listopada 2011

weekend shopping: new in

Socks, shirt and trousers are H&M staff. Thanks to the coupon from 'Olivia' magazine, H&M clothes were 25 % off. However, there was one condition: you had to buy (at least) one article of clothing for woman, man and a child [socks were for a child;) and for man article of clothing I bought a great jumper for my boyfriend]. The grey dress wich is visible in the last photo is from MANGO - a present from my boyfriend:)


As it's not the warmest season of the year, I'm wearing quiet warm clothes. Taken out collar and marble like colour are ones of my favourites hits:) It's easily visible in the above pictures:)
Orange lips - another thing that cought my eyes some time ago and I've decided to test it. I hope, it looks quite nicely.
Enjoy the pictures:)
collar shirt: moodo
jumper: my mummy's
trousers; cubus (the most comfortable I've ever worn:))
boots: Buffalo (bought in TK Max)